Nov. 18, 2019

Update on Consortium Outcomes

Katie Gambier-Ross

Below are some example of collaborative working that have been born out of the Consortium:

1) The consortium has resulted in Noelannah Neubauer from Univeristy of Alberta collaborating with Dr. Margie MacAndrew and Dr. Elizabeth Beattie from Queensland University of Technology on a systematic review that is looking at the outcomes of wandering that presently exist in the literature (publicartion date TBC).

2) The Herbert Protocol, originally introduced by West Yorkshire Police, UK has been adopted in Calgary. There is international interest to develop roll out the Purple Alert developed by Alzheimer Scotland.

3) The consortium is hoping to publish a special edition academic journal in 2021.

4) Noelannah Neuabuaer delivered an international webinar with Dementia Alliance International about the Consortium.